PLEASE scroll down until you find the section that pertains to your event. All events with pony rides – Remember that the weight limit for pony riders is 90 lbs. or smaller.

Events at Jubilee Zoo
We accept cash, checks and most credit cards (not AmEx). Payment is due upon completion of your event for parties and at check-in for field trips. If your event is not prepaid in full, please be prepared to remit payment for any balance at the time of your event.
We do not provide personnel to monitor the inflatable rides. Parents/guardians/chaperones are expected to act as monitors at all times and ensure that their charges follow all rules and engage in safe use of the inflatables.
While we do provide limited personnel to monitor the petting zoo areas, our monitor is not able to watch all animal enclosures at once. Parents/guardians/chaperones are expected to act as monitors at all times and ensure that their charges follow all rules and engage in safe interaction with the animals. Note: Animals may jump/climb on visitors in an attempt to get feed/attention. Some animals pick up feed with their teeth. Watch little fingers and use a feed scoop (provided by Jubilee Zoo) to dispense feed if you are concerned.
Admission entitles you to use of the entire Jubilee Zoo facility. Please help yourself to the open grounds and play equipment. We do not provide guided tours at this time. We only provide outdoor staff to assist with the hay ride, pony ride, – and when available – the goat milking activity, the party barn and the barrel train. Please inquire at the front counter if you need any assistance or have any questions. It is our pleasure to help.
Jubilee Zoo is a good choice rain or shine. We have the moonwalks, the small animal petting zoo, and the pony rides all under cover. The hay ride is not as much fun in the rain but there is still plenty to do in all weather. If you do elect to postpone your party due to a rainy forecast we will be glad to carry your deposit as a rain check for another available date and time. NO REFUNDS.
Parties At Jubilee Zoo:Everyone who attends your party is considered your guest. We do not offer free admission to anyone 24 months of age or older. Your party package has a set number of included admissions for children and/or adults. If you have more people attending than your package allotment, please be prepared to pay for all of your extra guests at the discounted price listed for your package. If you expect any of your guests to pay for themselves, please collect from them directly and remit to us upon your check out. The party discount admission price is only able to be extended to the person paying for the party. If your guests will be paying us directly for their admission WE MUST CHARGE FULL ADMISSION PRICE.

Field Trips:

Permission slips MUST accompany each attending student. (You may download permission slips here.) Please note that we have a great deal of prep before we are able to open for you. We understand that it is not possible to anticipate the exact time your bus(es) will arrive, however, if you are more than 15 minutes before your scheduled arrival time, be prepared to have your students wait on the bus(es) until we can reorganize your schedule. This is especially important for organizations with 3 or more groups as we may not have sufficient staff scheduled early enough to accommodate a change in the activities planned for your students. We generally open our entry gates 30 minutes prior to your scheduled arrival time. PLEASE call ahead if you need entry prior to the gate opening time as this could pose a traffic safety hazard for busses attempting to exit the highway. If you are later than your scheduled arrival time, we may have to shorten or eliminate some activities depending on your return schedule. JUBILEE ZOO DOES NOT HAVE A WATER FOUNTAIN. Please bring drinks for your students or be prepared to purchase bottled water/canned drinks.
Prior to entering Jubilee Zoo with your students, please have (a) representative(s) submit all permission slips with an accurate head count for each group/class. Submit payment at this point unless other arrangements have been made. Instruct any parents and tag-a-longs who have not prepaid to come to the admission desk to pay admission upon arrival.

Breakfast With Santa:
Your reservations will be held under the name of the person you entered in the customer info field of your reservation form. Please be prepared to show your photo ID when you arrive and pick up your tickets. All tickets must be preordered and prepaid for all attending children and adults. As breakfast supplies are pre-ordered we WILL NOT OFFER REFUNDS for cancellations. Please note – Plan to arrive between 9:40 and 10:00 AM. We will open our gates at 9:30 AM to allow our BWS guests to begin parking. Check-in starts as early as 9:40 but early birds don’t get early food or fun. Be prepared to wait until we begin seating and serving breakfast at 10:00 am. We will continue seating and serving until 10:10. Please plan to conclude your meal at or before 10:20 so you may begin your activities. Your group tables’ elves will help guide you to through the fun! Guests arriving after 10:20 AM may miss breakfast and some activities.
This Event is rain or shine. NO REFUNDS.

Mobile Events:
We accept cash, checks and most credit cards (not AmEx). For mobile events, if paying with cash, please note that our drivers don´t carry change. Payment is due at time of set up.
For mobile events we can set up on most surfaces but not rocks of any kind. Please call us if you are unsure.
All inflatable units MUST be staked in the ground for safety. If this is not possible, you may need to park vehicles around the unit so it can be secured on all 4 corners. We may call you the day before your event with a set up time. (We sometimes have to arrive very early to get all of our units out on time but we do not charge for the extra time
For events involving live animal services, we are not able to guarantee exact arrival times. In the interest of reducing traveling stress on the animals and in consideration of our inability to predict traffic delays, faulty directions, etc. we are not liable for exact arrivals. If we arrive over 25 % after the start time for your event (e.g. 15 min/one hour events, 30 min/2 hour events, etc.), we will, at our discretion, stay for the full contracted time or offer a price adjustment for unprovided time.
Please call as early as possible if you need to cancel for weather or any other reason. Once we´ve set up a mobile event, we do not give refunds for any reason including weather. Please see the FAQ and Policies pages on our web site.
If your mobile event will be at a public park please tell us. It affects our scheduling. You will need to either provide electricity within 50´ or provide a generator if you have rented an inflatable unit. Units require 20 amps or greater. We do not offer refunds if your electricity is not sufficent to operate the unit.

General Admission
Jubilee Zoo may not be open for general admission during inclement weather. Notifications regarding closings are posted on our Facebook page. We encourage you to check before you come if it has recently rained or if rain is forecast for our area

We want your visit or event to go as smoothly as possible. Please email call 318-929-7387 if you have any questions. Thanks!