Pony Ride Token


Disclaimer: (Discounted price for pre-purchase only. Regular price $5 if added during event.)


Purchasing an admission ticket is not required in order to purchase a pony ride token, but entrance into the facility beyond the pony carousel will not be permitted without purchasing admission. 90 lb weight limit per person. As much as Jubilee Zoo would love to give every person who wants to ride a pony a chance to ride, any rider over the allotted weight limit attempting to ride a pony would be unsafe for both the pony and rider.

Admission Tokens may be purchased at any time before your planned visit but are only valid on dates that Jubilee Zoo is scheduled to be open. Dates that Jubilee Zoo are open will be posted on various platforms such as Google, Facebook, and this website. If you are unsure if Jubilee Zoo will be open on the date you plan your visit, please contact a Jubilee Zoo team member before purchasing your tokens. Pre-Purchase of tokens are not required before your visit. Tokens may be purchased in the gift shop upon arrival.

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