I don't see a party package that I like.  May I still have my party with your party animals?  We offer several party packages to accommodate various needs and budgets with discounted pricing on packaged activities. If none of our discount packages suit, you are still invited to party with us. Just come as you like during regular hours and pay standard admission prices.  You are welcome to bring cake/food and purchase your party décor and party favors from Jubilee Zoo Gifts or bring your own.  Please call us and we can help you plan so your event will be the Party to Remember!
If you would like to open a tab with us so you may pay at the conclusion of your unscheduled party, YOU MUST CALL AHEAD.  Though there is no requirement to prearrange your impromptu party with us if you pay as you go, we recommend that you call ahead anyway so we will be prepared to best meet your needs.   

How long does my party last?   For Safari Party options, you should plan about two hours for your activities.  We recommend that the person(s) responsible arrive approximately 15 to 30 minutes before the party start time to check-in and set-up your party area.  The first 30 minutes of party time are for "meet and greet", animal feeding, and inflatable play.  Then allow 30 minutes each for hay ride and/or pony ride activities.  Party eats and gift opening may take your remaining time.  You and/or your guests are welcome to stay as long as you like.  Making Friends parties usually take about 1 hour plus gift/cake time.  (If anyone is still here after closing time they will need to bunk down with the goats.)

When I book my party online, it says that my party time only lasts 30 minutes.  We need more time to party with you than thatYour party check-in time is blocked off for 30 minutes so we do not have more than one party arriving at a time.  Late arrivals are always welcome.  We will only schedule up to one party per 30 minutes though we may have several parties here at any given time depending upon how long each group elects to stay.  (See above: How long does my party last?)  

I want the first party time of the day when you open.  May I arrive early to set up?   No - We need the time before opening to ensure that we are ready to show our best to you and your guests.  It usually takes us a lot of prep time.  If you have the first party slot of the day, we recommend that you invite your guests to start arriving 30 minutes after we open to allow you to get here ahead of time and set up your party area.  

May we add more guests at a later date?  Yes - You may add guests at any time before and during your event.  We recommend that you only add extra guests via our website if you KNOW your exact guest numbers and want to prepay for your entire event.  It is easy to add guests at the gate during your event.  Depending upon your method of payment, it is difficult or not possible to issue refunds to you if guests don't show.  In any case, we do not issue refunds below your party package included number. 
May we order pizza at a later date?  Yes - We generally have cheese pizza available and it may be added during your event with as little as 30 minutes notice for preparation.  If you want Peperoni, Sausage, or a Combo pizza we may or may not have them available if you do not pre-order. 
May we bring in a birthday cake?  Yes, please bring your own - Jubilee Zoo does not offer cakes/cupcakes for sale.  Please ensure that your little piggies do not feed people food to our little piggies (or any other animal).
May we bring drinks or do you provide them?  Yes - You may bring drinks.  No alcohol or glass containers please.  Yes - We offer drinks for sale.  
May we bring plates, napkins, and other party decorations?   Yes, you may - We do not provide plates/napkins/table cloths/party decorations with your standard party package.  We do have these items available for sale at competitive prices if you would like to purchase from us.  Themes include: Western (cowboy/cowgirl), Knight/Princess,  Smiling Safari, Farm Friends, and Pink Zebra.  Gotta have Dora or Curious George, etc.?  Other themes may be made available upon request with plenty of advance notice.
May we bring balloons?  No - Due to the clean-up costs assocated with escaped balloons and the danger posed by popped latex balloons, we no longer allow balloons to be brought in from other suppliers.  You may purchase balloons from us with advance notice.  Jubilee Gifts offers mylar balloon bouquets in the following themes: Cowboy/Cowgirl, Knight/Princess, SmilingSafari, Farm Friends, and Pink Zebra.  Gotta have Dora or Curious George, etc.?  Other themes may be made available upon request with plenty of advance notice.  Please, for the safety of our young guests and animals, immediately pick up and dispose of any popped balloon pieces.
What if it rains the day of my party?  Jubilee Zoo is a good choice rain or shine. We have the moonwalks, the small animal petting zoo, and the pony rides all under cover. The hay ride is not much fun in the rain but there is still plenty to do in all weather. If you do elect to postpone your party due to a rainy forecast we will be glad to carry your deposit as a rain check for another available date and time.  NO REFUNDS.

For events at Jubilee Zoo booking assistance please call (318) 929-7387 or email jubileezoo@jubileezoo.com

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