How many/what kinds of animals do you bring?

Our standard petting zoo contains approximately 10-12 animals including mini sheep, mini goats, mini pig, party chickens and/or ducks, and bunnies. (Bunnies cannot travel when forecasted high is above 95 degrees.)

Our large petting zoo contains approximately 14-18 animals. Large petting zoo will include all animals listed above and a mini donkey.

What size area do you need to set up the petting zoo?

We will need at least a 10X10 area for the standard petting zoo, and at least a 12X12 area for the large petting zoo.


How do the pony rides work?

Ponies are halter led by a Jubilee Zoo staff member in an area designated by you.  A Jubilee Zoo staff member will inspect the area to make sure it is appropriate for pony rides (ex: No pot holes, hazardous conditions, or anything that may frighten the ponies).  Each pony will come equiped with a western saddle with a seat belt attachment to help keep children from slipping.


Is there a weight limit on pony rides?

Yes. There is a 100 pound weight limit on our ponies.  The weight limit is for our ponies' wellbeing, and for the safety of your children.  We would love to give every child a ride no matter their weight, but if they are above the weight limit it could hurt the pony or even cause them to stumble and fall. Please be considerate of your guests, our ponies and our staff by informing guests of the weight limit prior to event.  We don't like causing hurt feelings, or making anyone wait in a line only to be turned away because they are over the weight limit.  We recommend that public events post the weight limit policy near the pony ride area.


What kind of surfaces can you set the petting zoo up on?

We can set up the petting zoo on just about any surface; however, if we are setting up on anything other than grass we will need to bring hay to lay down on the setup area.  You will be charged a $20 surcharge for the cost of hay, and extra labor time in getting it laid down, and cleaned up.  We are able to clean up about 90% of the hay, but depending on the surface, may not be able to get it all.


When will you come to set up?

That depends on what we are bringing to your event.  The more activities we bring the longer it will take to set everything up.  When dealing with animals we generally arrive 30min. - 1 hour before event start time to ensure that we have everything set up by your start time.  With animals we do not arrive too early to avoid undue stress to the animals.  If you require us to be set up prior to your event start time, please reserve your party time accordingly.  


Is a deposit required?

Yes.  We require a 25% deposit on all events to hold your day and time.  The remainder is due the day of the event upon our arrival.


What type of payment do you accept?

Cash, check, or credit card.  We do not accept American Express.  You will be charged $35 for each returned check.


What is your cancelation/bad weather policy?

You will not lose your deposit or be charged extra if your event is cancelled due to bad weather.  However, it is your responsibility to call at least 24 hours before your start time in the event of adverse weather.  It will be left up to Jubilee Zoo to determine whether or not the forecast is adverse enough to fall under our bad weather policy.  In this case you will have the option to reschedule your event, or receive a full rain check credit of your deposit amount.  If you fail to call at least 4 hours before your start time, then your deposit will be forfeit.  Once your order has been delivered to your event you are responsible for paying the full rental price regardless of how long you were able to use your order.

Jubilee Zoo reserves the right to cancel your event due to adverse weather.  Your event will only be cancelled if:

- The chance of rain is greater than 60%

- There is already adverse weather in your area

If Jubilee Zoo is forced to cancel your event, you will have the option to reschedule your event (up to 12 months) or receive a full refund or rain check of your deposit amount.  Please know that safety is our main concern. 

For assistance with "Zoo Comes To You" Mobile Events ordering call/text (318) 617-6932

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