Make family time a priority this Holiday season.  Don't just buy a tree - Make lasting memories!  Plan a trip to the Christmas Jubilee at Jubilee Zoo and let everyone help choose the perfect Christmas Tree.  Two FREE general admission tickets to Jubilee Zoo included with each tree purchased!  We will have our Christmas on!  Get in the Christmas spirit with photos and fun in our festively decorated "Sno" pit.  While you are here, visit our gift shop to assist Santa's Helper find unique personalized tree ornaments, gifts and stocking stuffers.  Enjoy some hot chocolate by the fire pit while the kids keep warm in the bounce houses.  Join in a sing-along hayride with us as we "carol to the critters".  Don't miss this photo opp. - Santa and his animal friends will be visiting for Breakfast With SantaBreakfast With Santa times will be scheduled for the second and third Saturdays in December.  So kids, better be good!


Christmas Trees - Real vs Fake

Fake Christmas Trees and Cancer
Several known carcinogens, including dioxin, ethylene dichloride and vinyl chloride are generated during the production of PVC, polluting neighborhoods located near factory sites. Most of those factory sites are actually in China, where 85 percent of the fake trees sold in North America originate. Labor standards there don't adequately protect workers from the dangerous chemicals they are handling.

Fake Christmas Trees and Other Health Problems
In addition to PVC, fake trees contain lead and other additives designed to make the otherwise rigid PVC more malleable. Unfortunately many of these additives have been linked to liver, kidney, neurological and reproductive system damage in lab studies on animals. The Children*s Health Environmental Coalition warns that fake trees "may shed lead-laced dust, which may cover branches or shower gifts and the floor below the tree." So heed the advice of the label on your fake tree, which tells you to avoid inhaling or eating any dust or parts that may come loose. 

Real Christmas Trees
Real trees smell nice and enhance air quality in the envirnment.  Real trees are a renewable resource and provide valuable compost when recycled.  They do not take up storage space.
The sheer numbers of trees that get discarded after every holiday can be a big waste issue for municipalities that aren't prepared to mulch them for compost. Limited numbers of clean trees purchased from the Jubilee Tree lot may be recycled at Jubilee Zoo for use as animal bedding.  Trees with any flocking or tinsel will not be accepted.  Please be sure to remove all decorations before bringing us your trees.  Thank you.

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