Jubilee Zoo is your Family Fun Facility. We feature a Petting Zoo, Pony Rides, Bounce Houses, Exotic Animals, Playground/Picnic area, Seasonal Water Play Splash Pad, and our awesome Safari Hay Ride! Our covered, mist-cooled, petting zoo area makes for comfortable visiting in most weather. Join us for Reunions, Birthdays, Field Trips, Company Picnics, Sport or Scout events, and any time for Family Fun!

Though Jubilee Zoo is not a "non-profit" organization, we operate on a very narrow budget without ANY income currently retained by the owners.  We do most of the labor ourselves and provide the materials to build and maintain Jubilee Zoo - often augmented by our family's personal funds.  We do this in an effort to offer a fantastic family fun facility for our visitors and offer a happy, healthy home to our animal friends.  We do hope to grow to the point of recouping some of our investment someday, but for now, it is a labor of love.

As we must plan to pad our feed budget to last through the winter months when business is slow, we do charge a premium for animal feed at the zoo.  You may only feed our animals our feed.  We know our feed is healthy for our animals.

While we appreciate the suggestion that we would have more business if we had lower prices - it is just not feasible to charge less.   Every person who walks through the gate or drives into the parking lot uses resources and enjoys the infrastructure in which we have invested.  Adults pay to accompany children to the movies or on a city bus - please expect to pay for adults who accompany children to Jubilee Zoo.  Even if it is just use of the bathrooms or hand sanitizer, there is a cost to Jubilee Zoo.  We don't mind picking up and taking out the trash.  We are pleased to offer a covered, cooled seating area and other amenities for you and your guests to enjoy as you sit and watch your children have fun!  However, in order to have the funds to maintain said facility, we charge for EVERY guest aged 24 months and up - even grandparents who are just coming to watch the kids have fun.  Though we do hope they will enjoy the hayride and other included activities as well.  

All of our party areas are under cover unless you request seating near the playground / splash pad

 Our RED party area is more secluded than the other areas. 
Our YELLOW party area is ideal for large parties.

 Our GREEN party area is close to restrooms and concession area.


 Safari Hayride (Included with admission)

  Zoo-Choo Train ($3.70 plus tax when available)
  Pony Ride ($3.70 plus tax for riders 90lbs. and under)

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